My name is Dr. Stephen Shaw. My educational background began in Illinois with a major in philosophy at Tolentine College (Villanova University). I then spent four years in Rome, Italy, where I studied a variety of theological subjects, from Comparative Religions, to Old and New Testament Studies, to Biblical archeology (yes, we did scour the catacombs!). While studying in Europe I had the opportunity to attend a number of language institutes, both in Vienna, Austria, Madrid, Spain, and Fribourg, Switzerland (French-speaking). It was a wonderful opportunity to learn other languages and appreciate other cultures. One incident I will never forget. In 1969, I was visiting Prague, Czechoslovakia, on a day-trip from Vienna, and ended up in the middle of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. We were quickly told by the American embassy to grab our things and take the first bus back to Austria. Soviet tanks rumbled into Prague as we passed headed west towards the Austrian border. It was as you can imagine an unnerving experience but one I won’t easily forget.